Feds ramp up FUD attacks against Anonymous

Credit: flickr/OperationPaperStorm

The National Security Agency director warns the hacker group Anonymous could shut down parts of the national power grid.

These warnings by Gen. Keith Alexander were given during White House meetings. Government officials are also saying they expect Anonymous to move "in a more disruptive direction," citing an Anonymous announcement they will shut down the Internet on March 31. And since the electrical grid gets probed and attacked constantly, any future outage may be attributed to hackers.

Anonymous consistently says that "Operation Global Blackout" is fake and there are no such plans. Various Anonymous "spokespeople" (Twitter accounts and bloggers) say this is fear mongering, and taking down a power grid would endanger those on life support and other vital services.


This article is not true. The power grid can't be touched or downed by Internet or any other remote access. These systems were designed that way and can only be controlled in house.

Joe Marquis on wsj.com

More fear mongering, courtesy of the US government.

jesterking on digitaltrends.com

More stuff to use as scare tactics, so the gov't can put into place MORE RULES!

Carl Engeb on usatoday.com

As far as I know Anonymus does not mean network terrorism, but protest movement.

Luis Genaro Atreaga Salinas on digitaltrends.com

Still scary

you should not discontent the fact that a shutdown can happen with rogue employee/s siting at the control room.

Michael Shum on wsj.com

I'm way more afraid of the NSA than Anonymous. It is the NSA in cahoots with other agencies that engage in illegal wiretaps and other nefarious activities including torture in our name. Anonymous does public service in bringing to light the misdeeds of those that are controlling our society.

Lenny P Wallbrook on usatoday.com

Have a laugh

I don't think anonymous would shut off a power grid anyway. Doesn't sound lulzy.

John Brugge on usatoday.com

guess we better relinquish more control to Government so they can protect us (that is laden with sarcasm).

Ted Bradford II on digitaltrends.com

NSA also warned today that Peter Pan and Tinker Bell may develope the capability in the next two years to poison the water supply with fairy dust.

Robert Fenwick on wsj.com

Who do you believe? Has dissatisfaction with politicians and the lowest Congressional approval rating in history combined to make some people trust Anonymous more than their own government officials?

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