Tech's latest pushback against SOPA a PR failure

Credit: flickr/David Berkowitz

Remember the huge uproar last week when over 70 tech groups demanded Congress rethink intellectual property restrictions? Neither do we.

One would think a protest to Congress by tech giants like WordPress, Reddit, and Mozilla would get some mainstream media coverage, but not last week. Nothing happened when these and 70 other tech companies requested Congress "take a breath, step back, and approach these issues from a fresh perspective." This letter went out just a couple weeks after the giant SOPA protest did receive major mainstream coverage.

Inside the letter, the groups cautioned Congress to use objective data on piracy and intellectual property violations, and not just blindly accept anything Hollywood and the music industry feed them. Also included are examples of legal music and video sites shut down, and a request to examine how existing laws can be used to avoid new, overreaching laws like SOPA and PIPA.

Follow the money

I’d be willing to bet that the tech sector has more money than the entertainment industry.

backporchprophet on

Dear Congress 99% of the known world think your bill is a load of old codswallop, please stop being beholden to money grabbing old fashioned idiots.

Mwhahaha on

The problem is that “Purchased Power” is still Power.

Kesey on

Who's in charge here?

Keep dreaming! The government is not working for the people... Forget SOPA/PIPA. They are working on ACTA!

Guest on

The issue with the old form of news media is that they're part of Big Media. They'll never turn on their masters unless massive public outcry forces their hand, making the abuses of our rights too blatantly obvious to be able to try and hide away or ignore.

Anonymous Coward on

P.s. You're a public servant you work for us not the other way around.

echoman on

Can tech change politics?

Next step for eBay: politicians

kennydude on

I think some of our governments need a 10 step progam for coruption

Anonymous Coward on

Think of how the USA would change if you got rid of corporate lobbying… Or would it just all go under the table?

emomac on

Time to vote: A) Congress listens to citizens B) Congress listens to campaign contributors.

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