Hardly a day after dire warning from NSA, Anonymouse blamed for power outage

Something small, rodential and hackery chewed through electric infrastructure at U Kansas.

The NSA's warning earlier this week that Anonymous is working on the ability to attack and take down electric power utilities – and within two years will be causing localized blackouts to make a political point – was so off base with anything the Anonymi say or value (or say they value) someone obviously was inspired to investigate further.

According to investigators at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, something small, toothy and freedom-hating was to blame for a power outage that blacked out 10 buildings for 90 minutes Tuesday.

University officials blamed an unnamed (anonymous) mousefor chewing on the wires in hubs connecting power lines from several buildings.

"NSA, it wasn't #Anonymous, it was #AnonyMOUSE," tweeted @YourAnonNews, just to rub it in at NSA.

No one was injured in the attack, national security was not threatened, the National Security Agency did not become involved.

The mouse is still at large (though possibly in much crispier condition than previously).

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