Facebook retail-ville becoming a ghost town

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Then: major brands on Facebook through the roof. Now: "F-commerce" tumbleweeds.

Called "F-Commerce" as a play on e-commerce, major retailers like GameStop, J.C. Penney, Gap, and Nordstrom have shut down their Facebook stores. Just last year, the F-commerce hype boiled so hot some predicted Facebook would overtake Amazon in the retail space.

Reasons vary, but analysts point to clumsy store integration, slow performance, and the feeling that Facebook stores were like putting a clothing department inside a bar. People want to visit and talk about what they buy not be pitched. But retailer advertising remains strong, and since many Facebook users stay logged in while visiting dedicated retailer websites, their Facebook data remains available to the e-commerce sites where they do buy.

Get a clue

Brands keep forgetting that Facebook is a community which cannot be invaded, it’s time they evolved to know what Social Media really is

Sanjay Mendis on mashable.com

You have to give the user / customer something more than just product in a facebook frame. Personalisation of content is the key here, creating an environment where companies can serve information based on that persons likes and interests including that of their friends adds value.

Mark on econsultancy.com

Social is not a mass marketing channel any more than email is. At its best, it's a channel to inform, acquire and serve customers and especially gather insights about them (e.g,. who's advocating and who's really influencing).

Phil Rubin on retailwire.com

We at StoreYa, see enormous traction, there's an amazing daily growth of merchants, creating their own Facebook shops. There's no doubt that F-commerce is the next step in the eCommerce evolution, but it will take some time.

Mia Perry on econsultancy.com

Pinterest for the win?

Is it possible that a site like Pinterest figured out how to turn product engagement into a social medium and they’ll be the company that turns shopping social?

Nick Jones on mashable.com

My gut tells me Pinterest could be linked to commerce, because what everyone is so intent on pinning is a curation of ideas, etc. that are compiled like a merchandising assortment.

Anne Howe on retailwire.com

Getting boring

Facebook Fatigue!

7daysageek on mashable.com

Facebook commerce was doomed from the start. When it comes to social networks, customers want to be engaged, not sold to.

Fabien Tiburce on retailwire.com

Maybe the players in FarmVille should be forced to go shopping for new overalls now and then.

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