Morning countdown: Get Google to forget you for good

Plus: Did Google forget why it bought Motorola?

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  2. Chris Nerney: Bill Gates' letter of note to Apple [ITworld]
  3. Kevin Fogarty: Tell Google to forget you and make it stick [ITworld]
  4. Look before you leap into Hadoop [ITworld]
  5. Worried about an Anonymous DDoS? Protect against break-ins first [ITworld]
  6. iPad 3 coming soon? Best Buy slashes prices on iPad 2s [ITworld]
  7. Kevin Purdy: Google spent billions on Motorola, to do ... what? [ITworld]
  8. Peter Smith: Android overload at Mobile World Congress [ITworld]
  9. Dan Tynan: People really do care about their privacy, it turns out [ITworld]
  10. Work in IT? Get ready for Windows 8 headaches [ITworld]
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