Morning countdown: White House wades into privacy fight

Plus: Things looking not so good for Oracle's Java patents

  1. U.S. patent authorities harming Oracle's Android case against Google [ITworld]
  2. Dell boards the ultrabook bandwagon [ITworld]
  3. T-Mobile aims to roll out cheap LTE [ITworld]
  4. The Tesla battery brick story: Truth or FUD? [ITworld]
  5. Chris Nerney: Fun facts about the Internet porn biz [ITworld]
  6. Brian Proffitt: Dodgy astrology company gives up attempts to own time zone data [ITworld]
  7. EU pushes for high-efficiency data center specs [ITworld]
  8. Zettaset to offer role-based access control for Hadoop [ITworld]
  9. Want to use Flash on Linux? Use Chrome as your browser [ITworld]
  10. Dan Tynan: White House's privacy bill of rights is just a start [ITworld]
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