Which tech company generates the most revenue? (Hint: It's not Apple)

For all its great success in recent years, Apple isn't the top tech revenue generator

We all know Apple, now the most valuable public company in the world, is a money-making machine.

But did you know other tech companies generate more revenue than Apple on an annual basis (at least for now)?

While net income literally is the bottom line, a company's revenue is its lifeblood, even more so than its total number of Facebook fans. That's a joke, folks.

Below are some of the major tech companies and their fiscal 2011 annual revenue for comparison. All are public companies, save for one you just may have heard of, which you can find near the bottom. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, by the way. Just a fun blog post.

Also, because this is a "snapshot," it doesn't address revenue trends, which are crucial. I'll save those for another day. Should current trends continue, however, the company at the top of the list won't be there next time (though the one at No. 4 may be).

So prepare for great fun. (OK, maybe I'm overselling the fun thing. It's not like you're a bunch of accountants or anything.) All figures are in rounded-off billions.

Hewlett-Packard -- $127

AT&T -- $127

Verizon -- $111

Apple -- $108

IBM -- $107

Microsoft -- $70

Dell -- $62

Intel -- $54

Amazon.com -- $48

Cisco Systems -- $43

Google -- $38

Oracle -- $36

Sprint Nextel -- $34

Research in Motion -- $20

eBay -- $12

Yahoo -- $5

Facebook -- $4

Groupon -- $2

AOL -- $2

Zynga -- $1

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