Sci-fi reality: Tiny chip can enter bloodstream, fix you up

It's like Fantastic Voyager or Innerspace, but without Raquel Welch or Meg Ryan


Stanford University researchers "have created a tiny wireless chip, driven by magnetic currents, that's small enough to travel inside the human body. They hope it will someday be used for a wide range of biomedical applications, from delivering drugs to cleaning arteries."

It's not as cool as miniaturizing a submarine filled with doctors (or Martin Short, in Innerspace), but it's still an advance in science that must have been inspired by science-fiction stories like Fantastic Voyage and the like.

It also reminded me of the Body Wars ride at EPCOT Center, which used a motion-control machine to simulate a ride through the body. The ride was in the now-closed Wonders of Life Pavilion, and included performances by Tim Matheson and Elizabeth Shue. Here's a video tribute to the ride, for those who remember:

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