Windows desktop concept from outsider 'blows minds'

While we wait for Microsoft to officially release Windows 8 and the new Metro interface, an outsider gets rave for a new UI concept.

Forums on The Verge are crammed with high praise for poster Sputnik8 and his or her new Windows 8 Metro interface vision. Although not completely true to the guidelines already released by Microsoft, the concept "blows minds" according to OSnews.

Clean, fresh, and fairly minimal, the new screens suggest a Linux feeling to some. Since Microsoft is trying to make big strides in the tablet and mobile area, some feel Windows 8 and Metro are leaning to far to support mobile users. The lack of a real "desktop" feel bothers some users. Obviously, Sputnik8 was bothered, and the results are receiving kudos. Should Microsoft take this excitement as a sign they have more work to do on the UI of Windows 8? Probably.


no, it’s not good, it’s amazing! I’m a graphic designer myself and feel that what Sputnik8 did here is world class work, and way better integration with the metro style than Microsoft is doing in W8

Gechi on

The thing is, i look at this theme and i know it looks great, but i can't understand why!

sek on

I'd love to use that over Metro any day (especially after having used it in Windows 8 developer preview).

Shank on

Hey, Microsoft

Sputnik8’s main advantage over Microsoft’s designers is he (she?) doesn’t have to deal with layers of pointy-haired bosses. This is amazing work.

rbanffy on

A desktop machine with huge ugly tiles, Explorer with an incomprehensible toolbar and Visual Studio with monochrome icons, that's what Microsoft is busy imagining.

mrstep on

Microsoft needs to hire this guy immidately, pay him what ever the hell you have to, YOU NEED THIS GUY MICROSOFT!!!!

Saljen on

Not impressed

I’m sorry but no. These screens are okay but not that amazing. There’s a lot to critique, and wouldn’t get past without a ton of revisions. That’s the truth.

Transient Jet Lag on

Did you see the Explorer interface? Yes, beautiful, but not very nice in practice: no tree view or tabs or other way to navigate your directory tree, no means to copy or delete files, just a nice-to-look-at dumbed-down interface.

evert on

I would guess that with all the white-space and over-sized elements you're only getting maybe 50% of the same content on a screen layout.

51Cards on

Only a few more months, and we can start complaining about the official Windows 8 Metro interface, and not the pre-release versions.

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