Morning countdown: A good old-fashioned browser war

And a good old-fashioned mailing list fight!

  1. W3C mailing list fracas erupts over HTML5 DRM [ITworld]
  2. Chris Nerney: Meaningful bad new for HP, RIM [ITworld]
  3. Overstrained wireless operators seek to shunt traffic to Wi-FI [ITworld]
  4. Brian Proffitt: New browser wars brewing? [ITworld]
  5. The Fifth Amendment and your hard drive [ITworld]
  6. Can your Facebook profile predict your job performance? [ITworld]
  7. GPS jammers haunt the U.K. [ITworld]
  8. Peter Smith: Is Google cooking up a TV service in Kansas City? [ITworld]
  9. Report: Open source code just as good as proprietary code [ITworld]
  10. Beth Bacheldor: Telecoms need new data centers and need them now [ITworld]
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