Morning countdown: iPad 3 approacheth

Plus: LinkedIn gets creepy

  1. Chris Nerney: Average Google+ user spends three minutes a month on the site [ITworld]
  2. Server sales will be crimped by hard drive shortages this year [ITworld]
  3. Activist group seeks to shorten copyright terms [ITworld]
  4. Ericsson joins OpenStack cloud consortium [ITworld]
  5. Kevin Fogarty: Physical accidents still threaten the virtual world [ITworld]
  6. Dan Tynan: How does LinkedIn know who you now? [ITworld]
  7. Schmidt: Google contemplated minting its own currency [ITworld]
  8. Will Apple announce the iPad 3 on March 7? Almost certainly! [ITworld]
  9. Google's new privacy policy violated EU law [ITworld]
  10. Peter Smith: HBO Go coming to the XBox [ITworld
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