Mario Party 9 means I'll have to spend more time with my kids

Latest version of Nintendo party game drops March 11

The main video game system in our house is the Xbox 360, hooked up to the shiny high-def flat-panel TV screen so I can play "dad" games like Skyrim. But I've also been playing all of the Lego-based games with my kids, such as Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lego Batman (currently working through the second Harry Potter game as well as the Clone Wars version).

The Wii, meanwhile, sits in a box, relegated to the second TV in the other room, barely making a sound - "Hey, remember when I was cool? Hello?" Sure, there was Mario Sports Mix last year, but there hasn't been a really good game for the Wii (at least, in my opinion) that would prove itself worthy for me to re-connect the Wii to the second TV, much less the big one in the family room.

That wait may be over, though, as Mario Party 9 hits stores on March 11 - here's the latest trailer for the game, showing off some of the gameplay (not the 80+ mini-games) and boss battles. I showed this video to my kids and they were justifiably excited:

Whether this will give the Wii some new life remains to be seen, but at least for a month or so people might get excited enough to add new batteries to their Wiimotes again.

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