Assassin's Creed III trailer hits the Web: Revolutionary War, baby!

Game trades daggers for tomahawks to take down 18th-century Redcoats

I've fallen a bit behind on my Assassin's Creed gameplay (after finishing the second game, I delved a bit into the Brotherhood game, and haven't yet played Revelations), but the company is now releasing version 3 of the game - abandoning Ezio and his band of Italian-based Renaissance assassins and jumping ahead to 1777.

The trailer shows a tomahawk-wielding assassin taking down Redcoats in the "Mohawk Valley", which also got me a bit excited since I grew up in upstate New York - wooo! And instead of climbing buildings, your assassin now seems to be able to jump from tree branch to tree branch in the forest, stalking your foe.

The game is set to launch on Oct. 31, 2012, so it will be a revolutionary winter this year!

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