State of Maryland seizes Canadian site domain name

Credit: flickr/conorwithonen

Gambling site Bodog is a registered Canadian company. So how did the state of Maryland seize their domain name?

The state of Maryland has indicted Bodog's owners for running an illegal gambling business, which is against Maryland law. The indictment admits Bodog is outside the jurisdiction of the US, and Bodog's domain is registered through a Canadian registrar.

Since a standard US takedown request is often resisted by foreign registrars, Maryland authorities did an end run and sent a court order to Verisign, the California-based operator of the .COM top level domain. Verisign complied, and edited the rootzone servers to reroute to a takedown page. If this stands, it means every global .com, .net, .org, and .biz website is now at the mercy of any court in the US.

Goodbye, World Wide Web

Can you spell “chilling effect” and “outrageous?”

Walter French on

Yep, I should think all those TLD's are now subject to the whims of crazy puritanical God-Botherers and other influencers like Pharma, Media and anyone else with the money to buy legislation.

g e on

Nearly all US-facing gambling operations have been moved to non-dotcom domains (, and - for Antigua and Bermuda - the most common) for this very reason.

heyitsnick on


What you presented in the article may be bad enough, but also the fact that they take it down BEFORE a trial is just completely f***ed up.

Athox on

Does anyone know if any casinos in Vegas have been closed because people from Maryland went there to gamble?

chr0m4t1c on

They weren't doing anything illegal - where they were. Do you think you should be punished for doing something that's illegal anywhere in the world?

Vivtek on

Trust your government?

More reason why any one government including, disappointingly, the USoA, simply cannot be trusted with global resources like the DNS root.

Anonymous Coward on

LOL what? "You can't flout the law just because you're outside the jurisdiciton of the law".

Ihnn on

The Balkenisation of the internet continues - and that is just what the politicians want.

P. Lee on

Who needs SOPA when a local court order can shutter millions of websites all over the world?

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