Morning countdown: Learn to love BYOD

Plus: Senator sniffs around smartphones

  1. Europeans finally getting LTE phones [ITworld]
  2. Kevin Fogarty: 14 million jobs created by cloud tech? No way [ITworld]
  3. Chris Nerney: Mass layoffs coming to Yahoo [ITworld]
  4. Keith Shaw: Assassin's Creed 3 trailer goes Revolutionary [ITworld]
  5. Vodafone claims to have built a secure SIM card [ITworld]
  6. Chuck Schumer wants Apple, Google investigated over mobile privacy [ITworld]
  7. Brian Proffitt: Canonical changed desktop Linux, still gets no respect [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Purdy: Why can't you buy sports broadcasts on your phone? [ITworld]
  9. Peter Smith: Valve's SteamBox sounds suspiciously like a PC [ITworld]
  10. BYOD can't be stopped [ITworld]
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