Today is first annual Future Day: Ignore it and just keep building the future yourself

Suprahumanist holiday celebrates things we are not, accomplishments we haven't made

A group of happily positive but incredibly vague pages at promotes taking one day per year – March 1 – as time to celebrate and orient ourselves toward The Future.

The quite-appropriately-ignored Future Day holiday is a project launched last year by Humanity+ -- a non-profit organization that "advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities."

It's not clear from the Future Day site, or even the Humanist+ site what the organization means by that.

_ – the idea that humans can be made to live longer, live better and live more ethically, largely through the use of technology to implant life, love and ethical frameworks, thereby transforming bog-standard human life forms into happier, more powerful, more long-lived transhuman species variants.

So Future Day isn't so much a holiday to sit back and open our minds to the wonderful potential of the future as it is an effort to make a highly unlikely picture of the future look more inevitable.

It's not that technical or biological enhancement (cyborg) technology won't make human life longer and raise its quality.

High-quality articulated, digitally controlled implants can help the blind, limbless, help overcome nerve damage and all kinds of other afflictions.

It can't automatically make the human race better, make the tone of society in the future more positive and welcoming or ensure by itself that the future will happen (rather than being derailed by nuclear war, natural catastrophe or global destruction launched from a hijacked space station).

Pretending technology can solve problems created only with huge effort by wetware-operated standard-human-profiled organisms is the worst kind of idiocy – willful ignorance built on consistent denial of the obstacles between the present and any utopian future.

"Future Day" to celebrate a social and technical environment that hasn't come about yet, the specifics of which are supported only by Humanity+ and other reality-ignoring organizations from the same drum circle, isn't a holiday. It's a propaganda statement.

Even if you agree with many of Humanity+'s priorities and research focus, it doesn't make Future Day any more than a manipulative gimmick.

In the tech business – which is dominated by vendors whose explainers, marketing and indoctrination materials relentlessly brainwash technophiles into a narrowly focused, self-serving view of both the market and the world – the last thing we need is another Life 2.0 movement that spends all its time deriding our current life and promising how great the next one is going to be.

There was a time when most of those movements ended up locked in safehouses, waiting for aliens to take them back to the mother ship (for autopsies).

Now they try to convince others of their own fantasies about how great specific advancements in technology will be, rather than working on advancing it in the first place.

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