The trippiest video you'll watch today comes from AT&T

Explaining why '70s children are all messed up - visit Telezonia!

In 1974, AT&T produced this film called Telezonia, featuring a magical land of talking foam letters, numbers and a guy in a skirt. The idea was to show the film to elementary school students, and AT&T even sent along model phones with the film so kids could practice their dialing skills. Rather than a boring, '50s style documentary on phone skills, '70s children got a psychedelic video.

Remember, this was the post-'60s era in which we got the creepy tunnel ride in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (my wife still refuses to watch that movie) and TV kids shows like H.R. PufnStuf and Sigmund and the Sea Monster.

Can you imagine if a company came in to elementary schools today to teach kids how to use an iPad or a cell phone? They'd be laughed out of the building (heck, the students would probably be able to teach the teachers). But back in the '70s, I guess kids still didn't know how to use the phone.

Take some time out of your schedule today to watch this trippy video - you'll thank me later. Or want to hunt me down.

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