Chicago Cubs win World Series (in video game ad)

Fun ad highlights Chicago mayhem in a "what if?" scenario for baseball video game

Much like the Sony Playstation 3 ad last year highlighting the personal lives of video game characters (all of the characters were "real" and they were paying homage to "Michael", their controller), an ad for the MLB 12 The Show baseball video game highlights what might happen if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

I'm not sure whether Cubs fans will appreciate the ad or think it's another kick in the gut (the Cubs haven't won the Series since 1908), but at least Cubs fans always had Red Sox fans as co-sufferers - but then the Sox had to go win in 2004 and 2007. As a Sox fan, the most I can say to the long-suffering Cubs fan is that anything can happen - let it start with a video game celebration!

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