If aliens arrive, what do we ask them? Bill Nye has some ideas

'The Science Guy' offers suggestions on first contact suggestions

Check out this quick video featuring Bill Nye, also known as "The Science Guy", talking about what he would say to aliens if they arrived on our planet. If I meet an alien and it says to me, "Take me to your leader," I'm sending them to go see Bill Nye. (credit: Big Think)

I guess Nye's suggestions are OK, much better than what I'd probably say:

* "Welcome to Earth" (after I punched it, a la Independence Day)

* "What is that bad smell?" (something my son usually says when he smells something alien cooking in the kitchen)

* "Whassup?"

* "Do you get cable on that spaceship?"

* "What's your Internet speed on your home planet?"

* "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Any other suggestions? What would you say if an alien arrived on the planet and you were the first person it wanted to talk to?

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