The new iPad doesn't thrill me. Does it thrill you?

So the dust has settled and you've had time to cogitate on "the new iPad." So what do you think?

Keeping in mind that I'm an Android fan (though we do own two original iPads in our household), here's what I think. I'm not quite excited enough to upgrade.

Specifically while I really like that new display (I think the pic in this TechCrunch article shows it off best) and more speed is always welcome, I'm disappointed by the weight. The new iPad is still a little lighter than our iPad 1s but heavier than the iPad 2; I was hoping for additional weight reductions, not a move in the other direction.

Of course more speed is always nice but honestly I don't really have any complaints about the speed of my original iPad; keep in mind II don't really use it for gaming or anything else with high graphic demands. All my tablets are basically e-book and web consumption devices for me.

The new rear-facing camera is a non-issue for me since I never take pictures with my Android tablet and I assume the same would be true with an iPad. Nor would I pay the high monthly costs of an LTE dataplan.

What I'd like to see is the oft-rumored 7" iPad with that same Retina display. That would make an awesome tablet for e-book and web reading.

If suddenly all the tablets in our house were subjected to an EMP burst and I needed to buy something new in the near future, I'd probably go with the ASUS Transformer Infinity. The screen isn't quite as good (1920x1200 @ 224 ppi vs the new iPad's 2044x1536 @ 264 ppi) but it's a good deal lighter (1.29 lbs vs new iPad at 1.44 lbs) and weight is a hot issue for me.

But again, I'm an Android fan so I'm pre-disposed towards favoring non-Apple tablets. My girlfriend, who has an iPhone (I have a Google Nexus) and uses her iPad every day, already has her new iPad on pre-order. She figures two years is enough use out of a first generation tablet and she's not worried about what Apple might come up with next.

Now I'd really love to hear from the community. Are you excited about the new iPad? Was the Apple event a success, in your opinion? Have you placed a pre-order? And conversely if there was a rumor that you were excited about that didn't come to pass, or some other feature you were hoping for, I'd love to hear about that too. Please leave a comment!

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