Morning countdown: Less productivity = more jobs?

Plus: The big iPad reveal

  1. Kevin Fogarty: Anonymous flexes its muscles, takes down the pope's Web site [ITworld]
  2. ISPs to Congress: No, don't worry, we'll regulate ourselves [ITworld]
  3. Amazon CTO: There's more to Big Data than analytics [ITworld]
  4. New front in Samsung-Apple patent war: South Korea [ITworld]
  5. Chris Nerney: Lower productivity might mean more jobs [ITworld]
  6. Eric Bloom: A job change can help if you find your niche [ITworld]
  7. W3C CEO: HTML5 is a really big deal [ITworld]
  8. Europeans endure life without Facebook for several awful hours [ITworld]
  9. Michael Dell: U.S. job growth won't come from factories [ITworld]
  10. Josh Fruhlinger: The new iPad's unveiling, as it happened [ITworld]
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