Massive solar flare may destroy us all tomorrow! [videos]

NASA, others predicting that something 'may' occur Thursday

Maybe it's because all of that Mayan calendar 2012 hype is going on, but we seem to be super-sensitive about end-of-the-world stuff happening, and now we're seeing some videos being posted about a solar flare that is set to hit the Earth tomorrow (Thursday, March 8 at 7 a.m. Eastern Time).

Let's go in order of "the world is ending!" down to the "official" videos from NASA:

First up, from the YouTube site and channel (complete with ominous music):

Here's the official video from NASA, showing the flare, which erupted on Tuesday, March 6:

Finally, here's a video from NOAA offering a visual representation of what the flare looked like (sort of)

Scientists are saying that the effects of the flare "could" or "may" (strong words, scientists) affect GPS, power grid and airplane flights. Luckily I'll be in my house just waking up, so I'll know pretty quickly whether to head to the underground bunker and start foraging for food. If you're reading this after the event, I guess we're all OK.

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