U.S. cities with the fastest growth rate for tech jobs

Online job board Dice reports that tech jobs grew 50% in Raleigh, N.C.

The East Coast tech corridor and Silicon Valley still may boast the largest number of technology jobs, but a new report from online job board Dice shows that many smaller markets are growing technology jobs at a faster rate.

Dice took the number of tech jobs posted on its site by zip code in March 2011 and this month, converting the difference into a percentage gain or loss. Dice's list of 10 biggest percentage gainers for tech jobs is below:

1. Raleigh, N.C. -- 50%

2. RIchmond, Va. -- 40%

3. Houston -- 37%

4. Sacramento -- 37%

5. Kansas City -- 30%

6. Portland, Ore. -- 29%

7. St. Louis -- 26%

8. San Diego -- 24%

9. Boston -- 23%

10. Denver -- 23%

Here are some comments from Dice about several of the markets listed:

"With more than 1,100 opportunities on any given day, tech professionals in Raleigh enjoy a broad base of possibilities, including current openings at banks and nearby universities."

"In Sacramento, firms in healthcare and technology are hiring and tech paychecks have jumped 6% year-over-year to $87,000 on average."

"In San Diego, tech salaries average more than $85,000 annually, while defense and aerospace companies are recruiting."

"Kansas City-based tech professionals can expect to take home more than $75,000 a year (+13% yr/yr) and job opportunities can be found at financial services and legal firms."

"In St. Louis, where manufacturing and healthcare companies are looking for tech talent, yearly tech salaries hover around $71,000."

The metro area with the largest number of tech job postings on Dice this month is New York/New Jersey, which has about 9,200 listed tech jobs -- more than eight times Raleigh's total but a gain of only 6% from March 2011.

No. 2 tech job market Washington, D.C./Baltimore had 8,300 total listings, just 2% above last year's total.

Third-place Silicon Valley (5,710 tech jobs listed on Dice) had a 13% gain in year-over-year listings, perhaps fueled by the proliferation of social media companies and staff ramp-ups of companies such as Facebook, Google and Zynga.

Dice North American SVP Tom Silver said in a statement that tech pros can expand their career horizons by thinking outside the geographic box.

"It's important for tech professionals to remember with growing opportunities comes expanding options — if you're willing to be flexible about where you live," he said.

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