Windows 8 fails the parent test

Chris Pirillo films his dad trying to navigate Windows 8. At the end, his dad asks, "Are they trying to drive me to Mac?"

No doubt Microsoft's interface experts have run focus group after focus group on Windows 8, but Pirillo's focus group of one struggles to do anything on a clean Windows 8 install. The senior Pirillo, confused by the Metro interface tiles, finds Windows Explorer. Then he can never get back to the Metro interface to try something else.

Lacking even a Start button, Windows 8 looks completely foreign to long-time Windows users, especially non-technical users. Of course, adding back in the Start button and making the Windows 7 interface an option will end confusion. Even smarter, based on much of the sentiment among users, would be Microsoft including the look, feel, and application support of Windows XP inside Windows 8.

Wrong wrong wrong

no start menu. Sorry but i'm staying windows 7.

Billy_5110 on

I was stunned at how much effort was required to learn Windows 8. Absolutely stunned. How exactly is that an improvement?

king_magic on

What increases in productivity does this give? What new applications can be done now, that couldn't have been done with XP or Win7? I see tens of Billions of dollars in lost productivity - with zero benefits. Where am I wrong?

Hodar on

I finally got my laptop dual-booted with Windows 7 and Windows 8. And my Windows 8 experience hasn't been too good. I've had to google-search to figure out how to do anything (including shut down my PC!).

mott555 on

What Microsoft is doing is incredibly brave. That alone deserves recognition. But I really can’t see it succeeding.

ugh on

Tablets will rise

The average home user reads email, does some basic word processing and surfs the internet. Do you need a 40 pound PC sitting next to your desk to accomplish that? Tablets can already today do these things.

Nothanks on

In short, Microsoft is expecting that the days of computers - all computers - having a screen you can't touch are going to come to an end.

tlianza on


After working in IT for a number of years, this is about on par with the average user. Sure, Microsoft will likely make changes to the OS, but it's highly based on user feedback. After trying Windows 8 for an hour, I uninstalled and went back to using my previous OS.

Drew on

It sounds like we both agree on post-PC devices for non-techies.

chaostheory on

Microsoft has little time to fix Windows 8 if they really plan to sell it this Christmas. Vote now: Windows 8 bombs, triumphs, or gets accepted?

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