Slingshot guy expands his weapon choices

New video features a pencil launcher, coconut-bashing Shillelagh and shoe-cutting knife

I continue to be fascinated by Joerg Sprave, creator of The Slingshot Channel on YouTube - his videos on slingshot-based weapons are entertaining and fun to watch, especially the destruction he creates with his weapons. Today's video showcases a random assortment of new weapons, including an update on his pencil launcher, a blowgun, a really sharp knife that cuts through one of his wife's old shoes (plus some leftover bratwurst), and a coconut-bashing Shillelagh. If that sentence doesn't make you watch this video, I'm not sure what will.

This guy has the safest house on the block - I'm pretty sure any intruder that tries to break into his house is going to get the surprise of a lifetime.

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