Morning countdown: A bargain for the aspiring dictator

Plus: Oracle jettisons suspect patent claims

  1. Dan Tynan: 'Political' sites just want your social data [ITworld]
  2. Cloud prices keep dropping [ITworld]
  3. Tsunami-struck Sony factory faces dicey future [ITworld]
  4. Oops! OnLive never got a license for its cloud versions of Windows and Office [ITworld]
  5. Brian Proffitt: Oracle drops all but two Java patent claims [ITworld]
  6. Chris Nerney: Buy Gadhafi's spy tech for cheap! [ITworld]
  7. IBM's Watson to be available through the cloud [ITworld]
  8. Petulant pirate justifies downloading, offers advice [ITworld]
  9. Apple's Lion is a resource and security nightmare [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Purdy: Slice creepily tracks your purchasing the right way [ITworld]
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