Morning countdown: How to make (fake) friends and influence NATO

Plus: Oracle-Google SMACKDOWN!

  1. iPad to eat up supplies of flash memory [ITworld]
  2. Kevin Fogarty: Hunting ID theft victims? LinkedIn's your best bet [ITworld]
  3. Chris Nerney: Social media vs. Rush Limbaugh [ITworld]
  4. Dan Tynan: 12-year-old forced to hand over Facebook password [ITworld]
  5. Windows 8 baffles old person [ITworld]
  6. Ukraine is a 'haven for hackers' [ITworld]
  7. Brian Proffitt: Should Linux go full-on post-PC? [ITworld]
  8. It's on: Oracle-Google Android trial starts in April [ITworld]
  9. Eric Bloom: When should a techie jump into management? [ITworld]
  10. Hackers create fake Facebook profile for NATO general, make valuable friends [ITworld]
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