The 3.14 Best Pi Day videos

Spoofing Rebecca Black and other geek tributes to our favorite number

Around here, everyone is celebrating Pi Day (3/14, get it?) by writing articles, blog posts, etc. Heck, we're having a bunch of pie later this afternoon in our offices. But a lot of people are turning to YouTube to watch videos about Pi and Pie and Pi Day.

Here's a roundup of my favorite Pi Day videos that don't make me cringe:

#1: Spoofing Rebecca Black's "Friday" with "Pi Day": Made last year on April 13, AsianGlow missed last year's Pi Day, but should get a bunch of hits this year for his spoof of the Internet's most famous song, replacing "Friday" with "Pi Day". Fun fact: The length of the video is exactly 3 minutes, 14 seconds. Nice detail.

#2: Using Eminem's "Lose Yourself" song, Star Wars Pi Scroll: This one is now five years old, but still very strong. Take Eminem's "Lose Yourself" song from the film "8 Mile", take the digits of Pi and put them in a Star Wars-like scrolling intro, and you have a really fun and cool song/video combination.

#3: Sounds of Pi: This new video has Professor Philip Moriarty talking about the sounds of Pi - converting the digits to musical notes and playing a bunch of different instruments to highlight the number's randomness, as well as the Feynman Point (where there's a bunch of 2s in sequence). Fun Fact: The video's length is 6 minutes, 28 seconds, which is twice Pi (sort of).

#.14159etc.: For what seems like an infinite number of other Pi Day videos, head to YouTube and type in "Pi Day" for your search.

Anyway, enjoy your pie today (I prefer the cherry pie at McDonald's, if they're still available).

Keith Shaw rounds up the best in geek video in his blog. Follow Keith on Twitter at @shawkeith. For the latest IT news, analysis and how-tos, follow ITworld on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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