Time Machine: Best Buy was born from a tornado

"Tornado Madness" sale led to electronics superstore giant

I was curious as to why Best Buy would post a "Tornado Madness" video on its YouTube channel, so after a bit of digging (OK, Wikipedia), it turns out that the company got its name based on a "Tornado Madness" sale it held after a 1981 tornado damaged one of its Sound of Music stores. The sale was promoted as a "best buy", and two years later the board of directors changed the name of the company to Best Buy.

I guess someone at the company found some footage from the 1981 tornado, as well as the very cool promotional guy asking Minnesotans to visit the Tornado Madness sale - my favorite parts (other than the "old" technology being promoted) include the number of bystanders coming in and mugging for the camera, as well as the guy's pants.

Maybe the company can retire its blue polo shirts and make everyone where those giant white pants again.

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