New iPad fails the drop test

Dropping iPads for fun, page views and profit(?)

Since the early days of the popular YouTube channel "Will it Blend?", we've seen lots of new consumer electronics face the inevitable video where someone tries to destroy it. Maybe it's because people like watching things get destroyed (watching buildings get demolished are always more enjoyable than watching them get constructed, even in speedy time-lapse). Maybe it's because they know they'd never do it themselves, because of the expense involved in deliberately destroying a $500+ device.

Whatever the reason, here's a video where some people dropped a bunch of new iPads (aka iPad 3) and compared the drops to an iPad 2. At least four iPads were destroyed in this video, so try not to think about the $2,000 or so that was wasted here:

Just in case you were wondering, the Will it Blend? team hasn't yet destroyed a "new iPad" yet, but here's the one they did for the iPad 2 last year:

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