Amazon beefs up Prime Streaming with content from Discovery Networks

Living in a geeky household (we're both web developers and gadget geeks) means our TV spends a lot of time tuned to the Science Channel, Discovery Channel or, in the case of my better half, Animal Planet. So imagine my delight when I found out that shows from these channels and more are coming to Amazon Prime Streaming.

All told, the new deal includes shows from Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science and the Military Channel. Fan favorites like Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Man vs Wild and Shark Week were specifically called out and Amazon says this new deal brings an additional 3,000 pieces of content to Prime, bringing the total to over 17,000.

A post at VentureBeat speculates that Netflix has 13,855 titles available for streaming, but that's an unofficial count from a 3rd party service so take it with a grain of salt, but it's hard to believe Amazon has caught up with Netflix so quickly.

It's particularly hard to believe if, like me, you found Amazon Prime's $79/year price to be a good value back when it was just about free 2-day shipping. Now that same $79 gets you all this Instant Streaming content plus the Kindle Lending Library which lets Prime members borrow a book every month (assuming you have an actual Kindle to read it on; the Kindle Lending Library doesn't work with the Kindle apps found on various devices). I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall but so far it just seems like Amazon is happy giving us more for our money.

Amazon's next goal, in my opinion, needs to be getting their service on more devices. We've got Netflix everywhere in our house (iPads, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, smartphones, Playstation Vita, Roku...and I bet I'm forgetting something), but Amazon Streaming only on the Kindle Fires and the Roku. Let's get this service on game consoles, for a starter. Essentially Amazon needs to get its streaming service anywhere and everywhere that Netflix and Hulu Plus are already available. We know you love your Kindle Fire, Amazon, but we want to stream to the big screen in the living room!

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