Morning countdown: War of the currents, data center edition

Plus: Intel TV? Uh, sure

  1. Sad Mac Pro fans feel neglected [ITworld]
  2. Chris Nerney: Ex-Google exec says social ruined his old company [ITworld]
  3. Kevin Fogarty: NATO's cybersecurity is embarrassingly bad [ITworld]
  4. Brian Proffitt: OpenStack project caught up in governance kerfuffle [ITworld]
  5. Lawyers think antitrust shouldn't apply to tech companies [ITworld]
  6. Google, AOL reach instant messaging truce [ITworld]
  7. Beth Bacheldor: AC battles DC for data center efficiency crown [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Purdy: Intel developing an Internet TV network, for some reason [ITworld]
  9. Peter Smith: Walmart wants to digitize your movie collection [ITworld]
  10. Employers desperate to hire cloud experts [ITworld]
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