Big Brother (NSA) gets a bigger ear

Bluffdale Utah is home to giant $2 billion data center for NSA to record billions of phone calls and email messages.

Built to capture, store, and eventually decode "yottabytes" of voice and data communications, the Bluffdale data center will include four 25,000 square feet server buildings for a total of 100,000 square feet of computer-filled racks (Wired). Plugged directly into the network switches of voice and Internet carriers like AT&T, the NSA has collected an estimated 15 to 20 trillion communications since 2001.

The NSA now has dozens of electronic monitoring rooms in US telecom facilities, while never formally acknowledging the one discovered in San Francisco at an AT&T location in 2006. Former NSA official William Binney, who resigned in 2001 after the NSA started the program of warrantless wiretapping, told Wired the NSA uses deep packet inspection to examine Internet traffic.

Not news

So the US' top intelligence aggregator (if not the worlds) is building the largest center in the US from which to compile this info. Whats next? Should I be shocked if the worlds largest ice cream company builds the largest ice cream scoop?

Todd on

A warrant is not required to collect intelligence when the target is not a US Person, regardless of where the collection occurs, including within the US.

das on

NPR said they are building it there because Utah has the most linguistically talented population in the country due to Mormon missionary work.

iterationx on


I did not sign up for this stuff. The NSA never asked me if it was ok to scan trough my communications.

Chris4362947 on

The NSA stores everything anyway, because if it can't be decrypted today, it can probably be decrypted tomorrow.

Spearchucker on

Guess whose money are used to do those things? Yet we keep arguing about healthcare and education. Mind boggling.

pika2000 on

Sounds incredibly illegal. Everyone concerned about privacy should be targeting this.

kulanapan on

It’s not illegal if the government makes it legal.

ranhalt on

Bigger than ever Brother

When there is someone constantly aggregating all information about you, what possible purpose could it be put to, EXCEPT to control you?

DoctorNine on

I've been trying to fight the government wiretapping and invading citizen privacy since I was a sophomore in highschool.

drivebyacct2 on

Says Binney, "You can watch everybody all the time with data-mining."

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