Watch a Space Shuttle launch from the rocket's point of view

New NASA footage offers different take on Shuttle takeoff

If you ever wanted to see what it felt like to ride in a Space Shuttle, at least if you were strapped to the solid rocket booster (and not inside), check out this new video, in which we see a launch from a camera attached to aforementioned booster.

While the launch is pretty cool to watch, it's the separation of the other rockets from the Shuttle that really make this video a winner:

I also liked the part where the viewer comes back to Earth, since the rocket the camera is attached to returns to the planet.

According to the YouTube account "interbartolo", which posted the video, this will be part of an upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray movie called "Ascent: Commemorating Space Shuttle", and includes sound effects produced and enhanced by Skywalker Sound.

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