SOPA just one early step in plan to control the Internet

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SOPA may not be the work of a Congressmen, but one step in the process for governments to control the Internet.

Paranoid or prescient? That's the question that comes to mind when reading commentaries such as "SOPA is a Red Herring," and "Here Comes the National Internet." Articles like these are raising the frightening thought that SOPA and PIPA are early loops in the rope that will eventually tie down the Internet. (Read about ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) Why do this? Because governments either don't like the freedom (Iran Mounts New Web Crackdown) or are protecting businesses (the music and movie pirates targeted by SOPA and PIPA). Tracking website owners will be easier when "Thick WhoIs" rules appear.

For Americans, the goal of SOPA to shut down access to foreign pirate sites could be an early step in the "national Internet" push that includes an Internet ID for Americans. The website takedowns ordered by SOPA that bypass judicial review and due process will come back again and again in the name of national security. Those terrorist websites here and abroad? Gone. Chinese spying? Gone. Cyberwar attacks? Gone. How will politicians resist this argument?

Noose is tightening

The intentions of the government are clear. They believe they have the right to regulate the internet, at a fundamental level.

nirvana on

The Internet is already closed...Google and Bing already make sure that any search that is political in nature return an overwhelming majority of results that fall in line with their views.

Mike Freeman on

This is about verification. Like Real ID. You can't board an airplane with a credit card as ID can you?

adamc1999 on

The reason to get the DNS provision into law is to shut down websites operated from outside the United States where the US does not have jurisdiction.

spolsky on

Time to fight back

I am from the "Old School" Government does not need control over the people. We hired them. Now lets fire them.

Russell Palmer on

For example, the domain seizures via ICE haven't got nearly as much attention, but they're ALREADY happening and are just as dangerous for the future of the web.

joshfraser on

The long term way to avoid this --as along with so many other problems-- is a world government with universal rights for all.

Dennis Higgins on

Politics and strange bedfellows

You should add the christian fundamentalists and others from the morality police who want to ban access to everything from pornography to birth control information. They have already succeeded in taking down online gambling.

HildyJ on

The US are in "good" company: Iran, Belarus, North Korea, ... Don't the americans feel something is VERY wrong?

jmst on

Heh. I so sure the tech press will pick this up. Not.

adamc1999 on

Does this mean the First Amendment and other liberties promised in the Constitution will be gone as well? If you don't think so, point out the politicians arguing for more individual privacy on the Internet.

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