Google launches 'Android Design' site for developers

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Google is trying to convince developers Android interface and app consistency would be a good thing.

The fight between Android (Google) and iPhone (Apple) covers many areas, but one area Apple wins completely is design philosophy. While iOS follows a single interface track, Android interfaces on various phones and tablets range from the almost gorgeous to the almost trainwreck. Say what you will about Apple's singular vision (Steve Jobs), but everyone follows that party line. And if Apple has a line, Android has a ball of yarn.

Enter the new Android Design site, put together by Google and their head of user experience at Android, Matias Duarte. Launched Thursday, the site aims to untangle the mess of Android interfaces and apps by offering developers insights from Android insiders, behind the scenes details, and suggestions on improving the Android user experience.

About time

I hope devs actually use this. Android apps as a whole are the ugliest bunch out there.

kameko on

Awesome page! I would like a consistent application design with this style. It's quite clear and appealing. Now I want to have the 4.03 firmware in my phone. :P

DonGato on

Google can encourage by highlighting apps on the marketplace that follow the guidelines well. It's not policing anybody but it's a good way to show developers they aren't screwing around.

Stocklone on

These guys are giving suggestions?

Android design? lol...Messiest mobile UI and they are telling others how to design...

JHughesy on

So who's going to enforce the guidelines? Nobody, right? That android marketplace isn't going to change one bit.

hoost on

Visual Design guidelines are fine but a deeper redesign is much needed for Android.

TheCyberKnight on

Will Google read their own site?

google's own site doesn't work well with google's own webfonts, using google's own browser...

Ivan Vuckovic on

I have no idea what those 3 icons in the left column are trying to symbolize, but they can't possibly be for the same thing...

mykie Gunderson on

If getting a HelloWorld out is such a pain, I wonder how all those event handlings such as onClick etc etc will be.. So an entire day wasted without even gettin a HelloWorld :(

Ageless Male Review on

Does the old cliché "herding cats" apply to the constantly updated and chaotic Android market? Or the developers?

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