RIM's new CEO is already spouting nonsense

Thorsten Heins lauds BlackBerry maker's commitment to cutting-edge innovation!

Research in Motion has released a video (below) of new chief executive Thorsten Heins talking about how great the company is and how excited he is about the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Except, as Business Insider notes, Heins's excitement is less than palpable. In fact, it appears someone woke him up to make this video.

Worse, much of what Heins says is absolute nonsense, straight from the Mike Lazaridis/Jim Balsillie Playbook of Delusion. Yes, leaders should act confident. But blatantly ignoring reality is another matter.

Heins, former chief operating officer, became CEO after embattled co-chief executives Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie announced on Sunday that they were stepping aside.

Some Heins highlights from the video:

"I joined this company four years ago, and it was growing but comparably still small in the wireless arena. We have taken this to totally new heights."

Yes, the totally new heights of being the fast-fading third-place company in the mobile OS market.

At the very core of RIM, it's DNA as I always describe it, is the innovation. I mean, we always think ahead. We always think forward.

That's true. Like when RIM realized PlayBook owners wouldn't care if they couldn't download email without tethering to their BlackBerries. Thinking forward.

We've learned to execute. Yes, we have to get better at execution, but we've learned a lot.


We are a great innovation company, but sometimes we innovate too much while we are building a product.

See, most people think RIM is falling behind in mobile technology, when it's actually falling ahead. Just as you can love too much, you can innovate too much.

It is important for our employees to see ... that BlackBerry clearly makes a difference, that this is not a me-too product.

At this point, RIM should aspire to make me-too products.

We are very successful in all of the world. We are still a growing company. Yes, there are a few challenges out there, which we are now addressing.

Just keep doing what you're doing, people, and everything will be great!

Honestly, this really makes you appreciate Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's "burning platform" candor.

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