Seriously, who brings eggs to an Apple store?

Beijing Apple retail outlet pelted after iPhone 4S sale abruptly canceled

Things got ugly outside an Apple store in China Friday morning after a crowd of about 300 was informed that the scheduled sale of the iPhone 4S was being canceled.

The Beijing store was slated to open at 7 a.m., and many customers waited outside in freezing temperatures all night to be among the first in China to own the iPhone 4S.

But once 7 a.m. came, the store remained closed. At 7:15, a security guard told the cold throng that Apple was canceling the sale for the day. Even worse, no reason for the abrupt cancellation was offered.

This information was not well-received. From IDG News Service:

Many of the customers, however, continued to wait. Eventually some chanted that Apple was a "liar" for canceling the sale. One customer then announced he had brought a bag of eggs, and began throwing them at the store's glass exterior. This led to a scuffle between the customer and security guards, who were then forced to run off as they were chased by a group of customers.

You have to admit that the scene, at least as described above, is somewhat comical, though perhaps not for the fleeing security guards, who probably were expecting an entirely different kind of chaos.

For some reason this reminds me of that part in The Wizard of Oz when the wizard tells Dorothy and her traveling companions to "go away and come back tomorrow." If only our girl from Kansas had some eggs in her little basket.

Maybe the crowd would have been better off going to one of those fake Apple stores that seem to proliferate in China.

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