Hollywood attacks tech, tech moves to 'Kill Hollywood'

SOPA is Hollywood's attempt to "kill" the Internet as we know it. Y Combinator says let's return the favor.

An unsigned post on startup seed funding site Y Combinator put out RFS 9: Kill Hollywood today. This "Request For Startup" declares that "Hollywood appears to have peaked" and wants to redo the movie and TV industry more along the lines of technology startups. Searching for "better ways to entertain people" is the goal of RFS 9, and this could come from new ways to create "Hollywood" style entertainment outside the "Hollywood" system to new interactive games and social sites.

Y Combinator believes SOPA is a sign of Hollywood grasping at legal straws as they die, and a huge potential audience awaits companies that can figure out what we all want to do for fun in 20 years. Just as Microsoft overcame IBM and Google overwhelmed Yahoo, something will replace Hollywood. And the search, with potential startup funding, starts now.

Great idea

Over and over again, Hollywood has produced films that fail to deliver and blame it on piracy.

ctwk on news.ycombinator.com

The big studios think that if piracy is stopped all those people will pay to get their content.... But the fact is people will simply ignore their content and look elsewhere.

Ganesh Nayak on plus.google.com

In my eyes tonight, they killed themselves - ethics aside.

753951258 on reddit.com

14 films, including short films, at this year's Sundance received some portion of their funding via Kickstarter.

waterlesscloud on news.ycombinator.com

Wrong approach

The question to entrepreneurs that the original post should have concluded with is "What can you make that makes making and distributing engrossing entertainment (whatever form that may take) cheaper/easier/more accessible/more capable/more profitable/more easily funded?"

anactofgod on news.ycombinator.com

your best defence against piracy is to create good software and let people buy it for a reasonable price.

Fraser Cain on plus.google.com

By the way, brands are beating Y Combinator to the punch. Who has funded television since it began? Brands, and they're starting to skip tv and the exorbitant price of advertising there and create their own content.

crewtide on news.ycombinator.com

Let's try this

Interesting thought experiment: how would the world look like if all art was created by hobbyists? (honest question)

reinhardt on news.ycombinator.com

With creation getting easier and cheaper, maybe people will fill their time with producing their own content?

Jeff Godun on plus.google.com

I imagine within a couple years we'll see more and more shows picked up by studios like Amazon Instant and Netflix instead of NBC, FOX and the like.

marysville on reddit.com

Is there any other institution more deeply entrenched in consumer's psyche that Hollywood? How do you beat that?

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