LightSquared 4G VS GPS: comments on whether the tests were rigged

LightSquared says tests showing their equipment interfered with GPS signals were rigged against them.

Planning to roll out a nationwide wholesale wireless broadband network, LightSquared convinced the FCC to fast-track them buying and using wireless spectrum right next to the frequencies used by GPS satellites to send signals to devices on the ground. Recent tests showed the strong LightSquared signals overwhelmed the far weaker signals from GPS satellites. Experts predicted this, but LightSquared is crying foul.

With funding in the billions, mainly from Philip Falcone and his Harbinger Capital Partners, LightSquared has the funds to keep fighting. But those in the wireless industry say the frequencies LightSquared licensed should never have been on the market, and GPS is far too critical to risk. The tests last week were regarded as a "last ditch chance" for LightSquared to prove it's satellite frequencies would not swamp those from GPS satellites. When the closed tests run by the U.S. Air Force's Space Command showed serious interference, LightSquared cried foul.

That's business, baby

So Mr. Falcone made some bad decisions with VC money and now he's likely going to lose more than his shirt. This sounds just like the dot com boom and bust!

elucid8 on

LightSquared needs to go away. Seems to me the investors have been duped.

chacha4498 on

this is less of a situation of "spunky startup wants to maximize potential of underutilized spectrum" and more of "guys who think they know better than the FCC want to game the system and line their pockets, push any problems off on somebody else".

The Monarch on

That's technology, baby

As you increase power on one frequency, it sends ripples across adjacent frequencies. Please learn some basic EM theory.

gn7465 on

The test results reported by government agencies and industry trade groups are accurate, reliable scientific research. LightSquared was a lousy concept doomed to fail from the start.

SeaShark on

Science is biting Lightsquared in the ass. Whoever at their company decided to not listen to engineers when this thing was starting it could have saved them a ton of money and headache.

Phillip99 on

The real interesting investigation will be why the FCC allowed this mess to start in the first place.

neglogic on

That's politics, baby

How can you blame them for being pissed off? They bought the best Washington DC lobbyist money can buy.

Freudian_Click on

Is it really just private industry (GPS manufacturers) protecting its bottom line, or are their deeper ties which cross over into the government agencies?

scorecard on

Why do they think something is amiss with the way the test was setup and done? The vice chairman of the advisory group is also a boardmember of a GPS company that has strongly opposed them from the start.

waldayan on

Anyone want to bet whether billions of dollars and lobbyists can beat scientific test results? Stay tuned.

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