German event uses Ghostbusters to make Windows Phone 7.5 look cool

Video highlights of "Windows Phone 7.5 Hotel" shows virtual ghosts and Zool (I think)

OK, my German's a bit rusty, so I'm not completely sure about the details of the following video, which comes from Microsoft Germany. It appears to be some kind of event/party to promote Windows Phone 7.5, and the theme has something to do with Ghostbusters. Party-goers received some Windows Phones that they used to see virtual ghosts and interact with Zool (I think). Again, shouldn't have dropped out of German 101 in college.

Here's the Google Translate translation of the YouTube video:

A key and a Windows Phone: these utensils explored the invited guests, the rooms of the Windows Mobile 7.5 Hotel. Before it went to the secret movie, the visitors had to use a special Windows Phone app to solve problems. The Windows Mobile team has accompanied the guests. As the expired, you can see here!

Note to Microsoft: Have parties like this in the USA!

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