Restore your iPhone or iPad from iCloud backup

How to use iCloud to restore your iPhone or iPad

iCloud makes it very easy to restore your iPhone or iPad. Here's how to do it. Please note that this tip assumes you already have an iCloud backup. 1. Erase all of the data on your iPhone or iPad (make sure you've already backed everything up to iCloud before doing this). 2. Turn on or restart your iPhone or iPad. 3. On the iPhone or iPad setup screen tap the "Restore From iCloud Backup" choice. 4. Login to your iCloud account and select your backup. 5. You'll see a "Restoring from Backup" message, along with a progress bar that shows you how the restore is progressing. 6. Your iPhone or iPad will restart when the restore is complete. 7. You may need to download music and apps again to complete your restore. Your iPhone or iPad should do this for your automatically.

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Restore iPhone or iPad From iCloud Backup | Here's the Thing

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