Samsung fires another salvo at Apple fans - "We just got Samsunged!"

Latest ad in "Next Big Thing" a preview of big Super Bowl ad

A few months ago, you may remember that Samsung debuted its "Next Big Thing" ad campaign for the Galaxy S II smartphone, making fun of the "hipsters" who line up in front of stores (clearly, a dig at Apple) waiting for the next new smartphone. The ads were mildly amusing (I loved the line where the guy goes "I'm creative!" and the other guy goes "You're a barista"), so Samsung today announced that another ad is out - here it is:

A company spokeswoman said the add is a lead-in to a major ad that will debut during the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, so there will be more Apple fan mocking during the big game. Whoooo!

However, I'm not sure about the new catch phrase they're trying to push - "We just got Samsunged!" doesn't really fly off the tongue - maybe it'll catch on if you use it as a euphemism for other things. "Hey, this food doesn't taste right"; "We got Samsunged!"

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