Samsung tablet parody ad strikes a chord: Why ARE we using these?

New voiceover tells viewers probably what they already suspect

Don't get me wrong - I love Samsung's ads, especially when they make mild fun of Apple fans who wait in line for days. But when their ads are all serious and stuff, well, then, they need someone else to spice it up. Enter YouTube user "Raboneable", who took an existing ad for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and replaced the audio track with a much funnier voiceover. [WARNING: NSFW for language]

Not to just pick on one vendor, Raboneable has a parody ad for the iPhone 4S, just in case you thought this person was an Apple fan. (Again, NSFW for language)

The funniest part about these voiceovers is that yeah, maybe we don't really need these tablets like they're being portrayed in these ads - for the most part, people using tablets are using them on their couch while watching TV, or sitting in a very uncomfortable coach airplane seat - but I suppose that wouldn't make for a real interesting commercial.

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