MegaUpload case gets messier: files to be deleted

Credit: flickr/jontrainor

US shut down MegaUpload on January 19th, now plans to delete all files on February 2nd.

The Associated Press reports the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia notified two storage companies used by MegaUpload either may or should delete files starting this Thursday. Carpathia Hosting Inc. and Cogent Communications Group Inc. are based in Virginia, which gave federal officials jurisdiction over MegaUpload. U.S. officials have copied some files from the servers, which are still physically located at their hosting companies.

Ira Rothken, attorney for MegaUpload, says the company wants to keep user files safel, but can't pay for hosting because the government has seized all their funds. Rothken also makes the point that the files of at least 50 million MegaUpload users will help their defense, if they are allowed to keep them. No comments have been made by the hosting companies.

Doesn't evidence matter?

last I check destroying evidence in a criminal case, whether it for the defence or prosecution is illegal.

David Knowles on

So they are willing to destroy evidence in a case. Or is this payback for people even thinking about suing them for the wrongful seizure of their files.

That_Anonymous_Coward on

I suspect a Judge could just order the data hosts to retain the data, or seize it as evidence through an order to transfer it.

michaelfeathers on

Curse the feds

I can't recall the US seizing the assets, freezing everything and wiping the data from hedge / banking companies that were clearly caught abusing the financial system.

Ninja on

But *someone* does have to pay those hosting companies to keep hosting the data.

franticnews on

Wow, if this is true you could call it a MegaFail by the US Justice Department. Am I the only one that finds the use of the word ‘Mega Conspiracy’ in the indictment utterly inappropriate and childish?

sschueller on

My Government can go to hell !!!

JordanKratz on

Detailing the loss

I have a lot of personal information on there.. Photos that I will never be able to get again! Photos that have been destroyed due to age of family members that are gone...

greatkitsune on

I also used the service to download other legal files such as modified Android ROMs that are part of the Android Open Source Project! As a matter of fact, everything I used it for was for legit reasons.

Cliff Porter on

Time to vote: do the Feds have a responsibility to maintain all MegaUpload files?

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