Do you own your devices or not? The jailbreaking argument

Those who believe people should be able to do anything with their own devices are getting organized.

Joining with the Electronic Freedom Foundation, Bunnie Huang, author of Hacking the Xbox, launched the site Jailbreaking Is Not a Crime. He's asking the Copyright office to extend a ruling that exempted jailbreaking from violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If the exemption expires, the current crackdown on all things hacker (see SOPA) may increase.

The argument for jailbreaking falls on deaf ears at vendors and carriers. Those interested in modifying some parameters of the devices they own realize they will void their warranty. But using your own device as you see fit shouldn't be a crime, and Huang wants to make sure it doesn't reach that point.

Mine is mine

I believe that I should be able to run any code I choose on my devices

Luke Olson on

No consumer computer should ever prevent the rightful owner from altering, removing, or replacing its software - and I'd define anything with a web browser and a text editor as a computer.

mindbleach on

This is a basic freedom issue. The freedom to run software I control on devices I own allows me to be free in how I share and protect my own private information.

postfuturist on

Hey authorities...

We made it clear we don't want bills like SOPA breathing down our necks. Take a hint.

Charles Caulkins on

ATT used do to this with their landlines, but the FCC ruled back in the 60s that customers have to be allowed to attach phones to the phone system.

Athegon on


Just if I bought my own car and installed a new engine in it- I can very well do the same thing to my device. Don't take away our rights under the cover of "protecting us." -Thanks

pat irwin on

my original xbox (1), lasted ~10 years thanks to xbmc on board. Thanks to the hackers, I got to use that thing for a decade. Had it not been hacked, it would be sitting in a heap years ago. And, I never played a single pirated game on it.

Augustus_Trollus_III on

We can blame Hollywood and the media for perverting the word hacker, but jailbreaking and the negative connotations it can provoke is our own fault.

morcomonteiro on

I don't think we could find a better name if we tried. Everyone likes a good jailbreak, especially when the inmate has done nothing wrong.

lukeschlather on

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