Honda reveals "Ferris Bueller II" is a Super Bowl ad, not a sequel

Watch the extended version of "Matthew Broderick's Day Off" ad for Honda CR-V

The Internet was abuzz last week with the potential thought of Matthew Broderick returning for a sequel to Ferris Beuller's Day Off, the seminal 1985 film that still resonates with a lot of us Generation X slackers (and those younger than us, I suppose). But from the start it smelled like a Super Bowl ad, and it has been revealed as such. Here's the longer version of the commercial, in which Matthew Broderick calls in sick for his "movie" and spends the day doing fun stuff in his CR-V. If you've seen the original movie, you'll get all of the references in the commercial.

What may be more interesting than the ad (yeah, it's funny, but not uproariously funny - it is still a car commercial, after all) is the vitriolic responses from YouTubers expecting something that they totally weren't going to get - a Ferris Bueller sequel. This is "Matthew Broderick's Day Off", not Ferris Bueller - there's no Cameron, or Mia Sara, or the evil principal - it's the actor taking the day off. I don't think that anyone wants to admit that if there was a Ferris Bueller sequel, that it would be as depressing as hell - most people assume Bueller would have turned into the exact person he was rebelling against in that movie - he'd be the dad or the evil principal, right?

The other half of the people upset over the ad are mad at the CR-V being highlighted instead of a Ferrari, but yeah, whatever. I enjoyed the ad, thought it was cute (although I would have loved to see Alan Ruck make an appearance).

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