Super Bowl video that's better than 10 Super Bowls

Joe Namath, Billy Carter, Paul Williams and Barbara Streisand - need we say more?

The wonderful people at the Everything is Terrible! blog have posted a bunch of clips from a Super Bowl variety special from the late '70s, in which Andy Williams, Paul Williams, Joe Namath, Foster Brooks and others perform a bunch of song and dance variety numbers with football themes. Even Billy Carter, President Jimmy Carter's brother, makes an appearance.

A couple of things here. First, I miss the '70s. Only in that decade did you see such weird and wonderful variety shows - this was the decade that also gave us the Paul Lynde Halloween Special and the Star Wars Christmas Special, as well as the Sonny and Cher Show and the Donny and Marie Show. There's a reason why the variety show has never made a comeback - you can blame these and countless other shows for that.

Second, it's amazing that you had actual athletes participating in something like this (they looked like Pittsburgh Steelers to me). These days, everything is so controlled by the teams and the league, that you'd never ever see something like this on TV before the big game. Maybe on something like Saturday Night Live during the offseason, but that's as close as you'd get.

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