Groundhog Day explained (without Bill Murray)

Everything (and more) you've ever wanted to know about the Feb. 2 holiday

Groundhog Day (this Thursday!) has always been special for me, mainly because it was my mother's birthday (and still is for my cousin, Lori). The fact that my mother's birthday fell on a "holiday" such as Groundhog Day made it very easy to remember, but I'm sure for her it was a pain - all of her friends were likely asking her whether she saw her shadow or not, and that can get annoying.

Anyway, the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray gave this holiday more publicity than it probably ever deserved, so you've probably heard about it. But in case you didn't, our friend CGPGrey has this very cool video explainer giving you the ins and outs of why ground rodents are being used to predict weather.

In case you haven't seen the Bill Murray movie (seriously, go rent it or watch it when USA Network or TBS shows it on Thursday), here's the trailer:

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