Jerry Seinfeld beats Matthew Broderick at Super Bowl ad game

Acura ad much funnier than Honda's Super Bowl preview

In case you're keeping score, '90s Seinfeld nostalgia just topped '80s Ferris Bueller nostalgia in the Super Bowl ad preview sweepstakes. Here's a clip from Acura, in which Jerry Seinfeld goes to great lengths to try to be the first person in line to get the new Acura NSX:

The ad is so much funnier than the Honda ad with Matthew Broderick doing the Ferris Bueller homage - maybe it's because the Acura NSX is a much-cooler car than the Honda CR-V, or maybe it's because Seinfeld is a much funnier ad pitchman (remember the ads he did with Bill Gates?) than Broderick. Heck, an ad that can make Jay Leno be funny has to be on the top of your list for genius.

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